5 Ways Your Community Needs Your Service

At times, it can be difficult to see a real change in the world and a way to make a change that will actually be meaningful to the community. This is why the best type of commitment towards community service must start at home. This is accomplished by the small and simple things like giving a hug. This simple act can easily teach people how to care. Over time, you’ll begin to see the change in them and in the community if these 5 suggestions are followed.

Choose An Interest You Are Interested In Helping

The first step to take is to determine what you are truly interested in helping with. Are there specific organizations or individuals who inspire you? Will your talents or skills align with theirs and become a real benefit? Even if you don’t find the perfect match to work with, you can still make a difference just by taking unwanted ítems to your local animal shelter like blankets.

Give To Your Community First

With many charities available who help others around the world, you might find it more beneficial to start by giving to your own community first. This can be accomplished in many ways including running an errand or shoveling snow for a neighbor. Regardless of what the action is you will see an immediate effect on the individual.

Gather Others In A Group To Assist Service Groups

Gathering others who also want to make a difference can make a huge community impact. Inviting neighbors to meet at a community center or park is a great place to créandate a group activity that truly serves a purpose. A few examples of these gatherings include box lunches for distribution, grabbing a few friends to help serve meals at a homeless shelter and creating thank you or christmas cards and giving them to the USO to mail to various military bases.

If you conduct these activities with a group of young kids, make sure that you gather your group together afterwards to discuss the impact you all have made. Doing this will allow them to understand the personal connection the service creates.

Visit A Senior Citizen Center

Nothing puts a smile on a face more tan having someone come visit or interact with you. You truly can’t have enough friends when you get older. Not only that but seniors love telling their life stories to the younger crowd.

Help Keep Your Community Clean

Although this task is the least favorite, at the same time, it is the most popular. It can also be a simple task depending on the location of where you live. The good thing is that it doesn’t have to be an all-day event. Simply mapping a section on a map can accomplish a lot.

It is obvious that every community can benefit from community service. The great thing is that there are always great options that’ll make a positive impact. So now, the only thing to discover is which option you want to choose.

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Cocaine Addiction: What You Need To Know

Cocaine is one of the most addicting and widely used illegal drugs. According to NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse), around fifteen percent of people in the United States have used cocaine one or more times in their lifetime. It is estimated that between 300,000 and 400,000 people will become new users of cocaine each year.

What Causes the Addiction?

Cocaine stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain, flooding it with the chemical dopamine, which creates a feeling of euphoria in the user. Dopamine is an enabler in a variety of addictions.

The high quantity of dopamine released into the brain by cocaine in particular causes long-term changes in the brain’s reward system and related functions. As a result, addiction to cocaine can happen more quickly than addiction to a number of other substances.

Crack cocaine is considered to have the highest likelihood of developing addiction in a first time user because it is smoked rather than snorted.

Development of the Addiction

The short-lived nature of the high achieved through cocaine use encourages repeated use over a short period of time with user having to increase the dosage over time to achieve the same high.

Short-Term Effects of Cocaine Use

Some of the short-term effects of cocaine use are general intense happiness and energy and mental alertness. But along with these effects come a hypersensitivity to stimulus, paranoia and general irritability. These effects only last a few minutes to an hour and the intensity varies from person to person, with some people experiencing the opposite effects.

Long-Term Effects of Cocaine Use

The health problems that can occur from long-term cocaine use differ according to the preferred method of delivery. A person whose preferred method is snorting will eventually experience nosebleeds, lose of sense of smell and difficulties with swallowing. Someone accustomed to needle usage has an increased risk of contracting bloodborne diseases from the needle such as HIV and hepatitis. Smoking or rubbing on the inside of the mouth can cause an assortment of oral health problems and intestinal issues from decreased blood flow.

Consequences of Cocaine Addiction

As with most serious drug addiction, long-term cocaine use can result in an unsustainable lifestyle. A person constantly seeking that next fix can have a tendency to neglect important aspects of life such as family and personal finances. There are many sources of help for those with an addiction to cocaine to kick the habit and improve their quality of life.

Take care of your loved ones, find the best drug rehab center

Can You Heal Addiction with Energy Healing?

Drug addiction is an epidemic in America. Every year, millions of people are affected negatively by drug and alcohol addiction. It can destroy lives. It can destroy families. So what is the answer? It is important that you seek treatment if you are suffering from substance abuse or drug addiction. Most people will seek a conventional treatment like a rehabilitation program. These things can certainly be beneficial. But have you ever thought about an energy healing session?

Visiting an energy healer is extremely beneficial. A proper energy healer can really shift the way you perceive the world by re-aligning your chakras and clearing your aura. There is no shortage of studies that show that energy healing works wonders. But can energy healing help addiction?

The short answer is yes. But an energy healing session can only do so much if you are not willing to shift your entire thought system, belief system, diet, etc. All of these things are just as important. Having an energy healing session will absolutely do wonders for you, helping you to heal anything you currently have issues with. But if after your session, you just go back to the same old thought patterns, the same beliefs, and the same negative behaviors, it won’t be long before you need another healing session.

That is not to say there is not value in treatment programs and meetings in recovery groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. Sometimes just calling and talking to someone can help tremendously. For example, the alcohol abuse hotline is a great resource. But if you pair a recovery program with some energy healing sessions, you may see wonderful results.

The point is, it’s important to stay open to the different types of healing that may be available to you. There are a lot of different ways to treat disease–whether it’s a physical disease, a mental disease, or a little of both. You may find that an energy healing session is that one thing you have needed this entire time.

The Healing Power of Massage

Most of us will look for some sort of help when we are faced with stress–whether it’s physical or emotional. One highly effective alternative to mainstream medicine is massage. The act of getting a massage combats a number of different conditions, harnessing the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

What Can Massage Do For You?

In many studies, it’s been shown that massage can reduce depression and anxiety. It lowers levels of specific stresss hormones by 50%, and it increases dopamine and serotonin, leading to a better mood. It also improves immunity by increasing white blood cells. For many people, it can improve sleep, which is definitely beneficial because it is estimated that 50-70 million Americans have sleep problems that can affect their overall health. Other studies have shown that massage can reduce pain and headaches.

Can Massage Help Any Health Conditions?

Yes. There are many health conditions that massage can help like:

  • lower back pain
  • high blood pressure
  • fatigue
  • eating disorder
  • diabetes
  • osteoarthritis

What Do People Think About Massage?

In a 2013 survey by the American Massage Association, it was discovered that the majority of us are now choosing massage therapy as an alternative to treat excessive stress and chronic pain. 75 percent of the 1,007 adults that were surveyed used massage in the past three years for stress or medical reasons and 88 percent of those adults thought it was an effective method of pain relief.

Should You Try Massage?

The short answer is yes. Even if you do not find any benefits with your overall health, getting a massage is a great way to unwind and relax. It is absolutely essential that we all take care of ourselves, which often will include finding a healthy way to deal with stress. Massage–if nothing else–is a great way to deal with stress and tension.

Healing Your Body and Mind with Herbs and Natural Substances

For every pharmaceutical drug you get prescribed from your doctor, there is an herbal or natural remedy that may work wonders. It’s important to remember that you should always consult a physician before trying any new treatment. However, it is good to know that there are many herbal remedies and natural remedies that are available.

Chamomile Promotes Sleep

Chamomile remains a popular herb that can promote sleep. Many people drink warm chamomile tea for this reason.

Licorices Soothes Sore Throats

There have been scientific studies that have proven that licorice has anti-inflammatory effects on sore throats. There are teas and lozenges that are available with licorice root in them in many grocery and health food stores.

Black Tea Leaves Can Decrease the Risk of Heart Problems

Black tea can reduce the risk of cardiovascular issues as many studies have found. For those who are using black tea for these purposes, a couple of cups throughout the day is a good thing.

Cinnamon Can Control Blood Sugar

There are many studies that have shown that cinnamon is a good way to manage blood sugar levels, particularly for those who have Type II diabetes. Cinnamon can be added to many beverages or foods, and it comes in a higher concentrated capsule form.

St. John’s Wort Can Help Treat Depression

Several studies have shown St. John’s Wort to be an effective treatment for mild to moderate depression. It is sold over the counter to treat depression. It can also be made into tea.

Mint Can Help with an Upset Stomach

Mint is often used for a diuretic or for relaxation, but did you also know it is a powerful treatment for stomach aches? The most popular way to ingest the herb is mint tea.

Eucalyptus can Relieve Lung Congestion

Eucalyptus is known to treat lung problems. It has an anti-inflammatory and mucolytic property. It is most commonly seen in essential oils and vapor rubs.

Rosemary Can Improve Your Memory

Rosemary is an evergreen herb that is extremely fragrant and has recently been known to be a memory enhancer.